Canada’s proven oil reserves are sufficient to meet its energy demands for about 40 years at current production rates, according to Natural Resources Canada. Proven oil reserves pertain to the amount of oil which can be recuperated from identified reservoirs through current economic conditions and technology. Although many of the country’s oil reserves are situated in the oil sands of Alberta, there are also non-oil sands deposits across all of Western Canada called Sedimentary Basin. Canada has proven oil reserves of 173 billion barrels as of April 2014; 168 billion barrels are found in Alberta’s oil sands.

To those who consider investing in Canada’s extremely rich energy sector, the following are some of the best stocks that may be included in an investment portfolio.

Canadian Natural Resources

This giant energy firm has significant operations in the Sedimentary Basin, as well as in other areas worldwide. Having a C$44.98 billion market capitalization, it looks for, develops, produces, and sells crude oil products. It operates natural gas, horizon oil sands, North America Crude Oil and NGLs, and international crude oil. Canadian Natural Resources Ltd. has an good P/E ratio of 10.45 and a dividend yield almost 2%, and its sock has increased 30.64%.

Canadian Oil Sands Ltd.

Holding a 36.74% interest in the Syncrude project, this company was named to the Dow jones Sustainability North America Index for having a role in responsible oil sands development. A pure investment in light and sweet oil crude, Canadian Oil Sands Ltd. is committed to providing a firm, robust stream of fully upgraded crude oil, exposure to crude oil prices, potential growth through high quality oil sands leases, and pleasing dividend. It also has C$10.42 billion market cap.

Easy Access via ETF

This investment seeks investment results corresponding to the overall performance, before its fees and costs, of S&P/TSX Canadian High Income Energy Index. This index aims to give investment-worthy indices for the country’s equity markets. Most attractive to American investors seeking to increase their exposure to this energy sector, the Guggenheim Canadian Energy Income ETF (ENY) possesses 47 energy companies throughout the nation, chosen for their appealing yields. The fund also has 0.70% net expense ratio.

Suncor Energy

Often regarded as the 800-pound gorilla of Canada’s energy sector, this integrated energy company is one of the few energy firms that led the way in the commercial development of oil sands in Alberta. Suncor Energy, with $57.6 billion market cap, invests around $150 million annually in research and development. Through the years, the company has focused on escalating production and profitability while cutting down its environmental footprint.