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Millennials, Interested in Investing?

Millennials, do you want to become better investors? But before anything else, empower yourself. As Robin Sharma points out in his book “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari”, a successful tra der invests in himself, as it will not only improve his life, but also the lives of people around him.

Financial Advisors Shift to Subscription Model

Financial advisory companies use an assets under management (AUM) model to levy fees to their clients. The structure gauges the success of assets relative to the competition, encompassing the growt h/decline because of new money inflow/outflow and capital gains/losses.

Investors and Information Overload

In the advent of technology, information overload prevails in the world, specifically in the investment sector. If investors are not equipped with the right amount of financial knowledge and unders tanding, they can experience difficulty when digesting too much details.

Singapore Exchange

Singapore Exchange Limited also called as SGX is an investment holding company based in Singapore and offers various services associated with derivatives and securities trading and others. Singapor e Exchange is affiliated to the Oceanian and Asian Stock Exchanges Federation and the World Federation of Exchanges.

Best Trading Terminal

The best trading terminal   Are you looking for the best forex trading platform? Below you will find an in depth review & rating of the most popular tr ading platforms, including MT4, MT5, Currenex, ActTrader, droidTrader, iPhone and Android trading apps.


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Term of the day

Descriptive Billing

A credit card billing that includes the date, name of the merchant, contact, etc. of each transaction.