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Size of Mutual Funds: Does It Matter?

When it comes to mutual funds, does size really matter? The size of a mutual fund pertains to the total amount of money or total asset base which a mutual fund manager must manage and inv est.

Ways to Land a Job after College

Economists still consider college as the best way to land high-paying jobs. However, they no longer consider it as the key to success. According to a 2014 Accenture poll, 46% of workers were undere mployed and working in a field not related to their college degrees.

Best Investments for Retirees

A Gallup survey shows 54% of retired American investors remain hopeful about keeping their current income over the next 12 months. Also, 51% of respondents believe they can attain their investment goals in the coming year.

Best Trading Terminal

The best trading terminal   Are you looking for the best forex trading platform? Below you will find an in depth review & rating of the most popular tr ading platforms, including MT4, MT5, Currenex, ActTrader, droidTrader, iPhone and Android trading apps.

Three Interesting Trivia regarding Income Tax

Every individual is a taxpayer. The government utilize such payments to fund their projects and uphold the best interests of their people. Most nations implement a progressive tax scheme in which h igh earners settle a higher bill than low income earners.


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Term of the day

Term of the day

Mirror Fund

A mutual fund, usually operated by a life insurance company, that allows an investor to access another firm’s mutual fund through his or her life insurance policies.