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Nitty-Gritty of the Stock Market

Whenever people think of the stock market, they often get goose bumps because of the horror stories they hear about this market such as losing everything in one trade. But how does the stock market really work? Is this the right investment to become rich or secure retirement? The Stock Market and Stock This is the market for issuing and trading shares of pub[#ret]licly held companies through exchanges or over-the-counter markets.

Explaining the Significance of Budgeting to Clients

Most people only resort to budgeting when they are already short on cash or undergoing a major transition. But this should not be the practice. Budgeting is for people of all ages and any situation or milestone in your life, such as buying a house and getting married, regardless of the current financial situation.

Nuts and Bolts of Junk Bonds

In the 1980s, junk bonds left a not-so-good impression to many investors. They associated these bonds with investment scams and high-flying financiers, including junk-bond leaders Ivan Boesky and M ichael Milken.

Secrets behind Auto Loan Rates

You are a first-time car buyer. Wanting to get a great price and best rate, you choose a 0% financing. Do you believe that type of financing is the best choice? We tell you otherwise. &nb sp; Zero percent may not be 0% literally.

Best Things to Do in Retirement

Retirement is fast approaching. The days of waking up very early, going to work, taking care of the family, and saving for this are about to end. You have been busy with a lot of pursuits, includin g investments and hobbies.


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Bad Debt Expense

An entry within an income statement of a business which indicates the amount of non-collectable accounts receivable which occurs within a said period. In terms of accounting entries, each time that ...