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Flashback Friday: Things to Do before Getting Married

Planning to tie the knot soon? Today’s Flashback Friday brings you some tips shared by these married couples when it comes to handling their finances.   Discuss s entiments toward money.

Looking Into Different Investing Theories

Efficient Market Hypothesis This theory has gained a lot of supporters and opponents. Traders and analysts either stick to passive, broad investing strategies or focus on selecting stocks based on growth potential and other factors.

Bond Portfolios 101

Bond portfolios are one of the least popular investments. Although it has a vital role in overall asset allocation, many traders, especially the novice ones, do not notice what bonds can do to thei r portfolio.

Secure Your Vacay, Get Insured

Taking a much needed break anytime soon? Or you simply love exploring the world? Still, it pays to safeguard your vacation or let sudden circumstances turn things around.   Whilst no one wants to face (or even think about) worst-case scenario, there is a pressing necessity to secure a travel insurance.

Lower Your Alternative Minimum Tax Like a Pro

Income taxes are computed in two ways: using the standard tax system and the alternative minimum tax. The alternative minimum tax seeks to ensure taxpayers pay at least the minimal amount of income tax.


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Term of the day

Secured Debt

Secured Debt is a debt supported or secured by collateral with the purpose of reducing risk that is found in lending. An example of secured debt is mortgage where your house is the collateral in th ...