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Flashback Friday: Things to Do before Getting Married

Planning to tie the knot soon? Today’s Flashback Friday brings you some tips shared by these married couples when it comes to handling their finances.   Discuss s entiments toward money.

Shy Away From Credit, Be Debt-Free

Today’s Flashback Friday edition offers a refresher on how to avoid the enticing temptation that is credit and be debt-free.   Stick to Budget Financing your purchase is equivalent to not following your budget or creating a budget at all.

Investing 101: Psychological Traps for Investors

Investing is beyond numbers. It also encompasses the market participants – the investors. Behavioral finance analyzes how people affect the figures within the market. Before revealing the psy chological traps for investors, let us discuss behavioral finance.

Weighing on the Critical Illness Insurance

Rising cost of premiums remain a concern for most people. The industry, for the longest time, has been grappling with alleviating woes by providing various products to consumers, including critical illness insurance.

You Cannot Pay Uncle Sam… What’s Next?

What if, one day, you can no longer pay Uncle Sam? What should you do? Several variables determine the amount of tax an individual pays every year. In some instances, changes in these fac tors can lead to a much lower – or higher – tax bill than an individual expects.


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Term of the day

Term of the day

Fiscal Deficit

Fiscal deficit occurs when the total expenditures of a government exceeds the revenue it generates.