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Investing Tips for Newbies

The stock market can be quite complicated especially if you are a first-time investor. You could encounter circumstances and offers that may seem rewarding at first glance, but could be traps in th e long-run.

Connecting Advisors With Future Clients

Connecting Advisors With Future Clients Along with global modernization as the new generation starts to enter the financial world, advisors are in for a challenge of tran sformation.

Rates are Increasing... Consider these ETFs

Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen, who is confident about the outlook for the US economic growth, implies waiting too long to raise interest rates could pressure policymakers to tighten too quickl y.

Tackling Greece`s Real Problem: Tax Escapists

Two years ago, Greece had its third bailout since 2010 amid an impending departure from the Eurozone. The country was able to secure a loan worth 86B euros along with a number of requirements and c onditions from creditors, which includes a task to address the widespread tax evasion conflict that plagued the nation for years.

Forex Graphic Analysis

If beginners want to get started on Forex, they need to learn two basic things: technical analysis and graphical analysis. Both analyses provide graphical data that helps traders predict movements of the market.


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Term of the day

Amount Financed

It is credit’s actual amount that is made available through a lone to a borrower according to the Regulation Z disclosure requirements as stated in the Truth in Lending Act. To be specific, i ...