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What Makes an Elite Trader Stand Out?

There are various types of trading jobs in the financial market: sell-side trading jobs, buy-side trading jobs, and hedge fund jobs. But only a few of them are extremely successful - the elite trad ers.

Does Age Matter in Financial Planning?

Many people believe age is nothing but a number. Speaking of age, does it matter when it comes to financial planning? A study entitled “The Age of Reas on: Financial Decisions Over the Life-Cycle with Implications for Regulation” looked into the life cycle patterns of financial mishaps using a database measuring several types of credit behavior[#ret].

Update Your Living Will... Now

Life is a constant change. A lot can transpire from the moment you draft your living will to the time you actually have to implement it. That is why the document needs to be updated according to th e developments in technology or changes in their lives.

Best Trading Terminal

The best trading terminal   Are you looking for the best forex trading platform? Below you will find an in depth review & rating of the most popular tr ading platforms, including MT4, MT5, Currenex, ActTrader, droidTrader, iPhone and Android trading apps.

Tax Terminologies 101

The mere mention of tax rattles everyone, even if we contend with filing income tax returns annually. While the entire concept is complicated in nature, every taxpayer should have a fundamental kno wledge of the tax code.


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Term of the day

Term of the day

Qualified Domestic Institutional Investor - QDII

An institutional investor that meets qualifications to invest in securities outside its home country. People's Republic of China has the most famous QDII program, in which the China Securities ...