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Differentiating Spectator and Speculator

Are you a spectator or a speculator in the financial market? While the two market approaches look like the same, both differ according to strategy, profit ob jective, and point of view, among other factors.

An Actuary Needs to Master these Skills

Actuaries assess the financial insinuations of risk and uncertainty, as well as predict future events based on previous occurrences by looking at a client’s application and medical records. I n essence, these professional statisticians seek to minimize an individual’s exposure to risky scenarios, or the expense of such exposure at the very least.

Application of Simple Interest in Real Life

If you think applying interest in daily life is difficult, think again. Below are the ways a simple interest can be used in real life.   Car Loans < p>Since car loans are amortized monthly, part of the loan is allocated to paying the outstanding monthly loan balance.

Why ETFs Are Not Perilous

Active management has the tendency to underperform. Backers of active management emphasize the likely liability inherent in index funds. Such a management style can provide hefty gains sin ce active managers can choose the stocks they expect to be most profitable and sell those that impede the fund’s profitability.

Taxation in a Bear Market

Global stock markets marked the beginning of 2016 on a negative note, with Dow Jones Industrial Average and the S&P 500 Index wiping out more than 5% this year. Some analysts and investors beli eve the downfall will continue.


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U is a Nasdaq symbol that specifies if an issue is in units.