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Avoid these 10 Worst Performing Sectors

If you desire to create or expand your portfolio, or realign your investments, take note of the 10 worst performing industries this year. Computers: Periph eral Equipment The sector is not trading on the long or short side.

Be Mindful of the Leverage Cliff

Whenever trades are on the favorable side, investors become more comfortable with their hedge fund managers and the leverage they employ although they do not fully understand the risks behind it es pecially when the going gets tough.

An Elaboration of Markets

Although markets are a common term when it comes to trading, a deep comprehension and familiarization of its types is crucial to comprehend how stocks are exchanged. Basically, the overall terminol ogy covers several types.

Dodge the IRS Tax Audit

Writing Off a Loss from Hobby Any earned income from a hobby must be declared. While no person can claim a loss from any hobby, taking a certain amount of loss is possibl e.

Forex Graphic Analysis

If beginners want to get started on Forex, they need to learn two basic things: technical analysis and graphical analysis. Both analyses provide graphical data that helps traders predict movements of the market.


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Term of the day

Guerrilla Marketing

Marketing technique in which a firm uses surprise and/or unorthodox interactions to promote a product or service. Different from conventional marketing, it frequently relies on personal interaction ...