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Resume Writers: Notching Your Way Up

You have an impressive educational background, exceptional employment history, and noticeable skills and talents to make it to the top. But what is the use of all your abilities and accomplishments if not well-represented on your resume? A person’s resume is the first thing employers look at when searching for the best candidate for a specific position.

Do You Want to Earn Your CFA?

Thinking of earning a CPA? Think again. Read this: Getting into the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) program is no easy. It is actually a gruesome process. But before even starting the p rocess, ponder on your preconceived thoughts and make sure you dream is really a dream, not a passing fantasy.

Step Up Option Trading with These Four Apps

Options are somewhat complicated in nature even though it is a safe bet. Still, options trading like a boss is made possible with the following mobile applications.   AzFinance The mobile application comes with latest market news and quotes, as well as analyses and price details of investment instruments, enabling traders to keep abreast of ma[#ret]rket developments.

Life Insurance and Retirement - A Good Idea?

Question: Is it fine to secure insurance after retiring?   Answer: There’s no standard answer for this question. Getting a life insurance after reti rement depends on many factors.

Glossary. The Major Forex Market Terms.

Forex Foreign Exchange – a term meaning conversion operations – deals of currency market agents of exchanging the specified amounts of one country currency to another one at a negotiate d price for a certain date.


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Term of the day

Term of the day

General Obligation Bond - GO

Municipal debt issue secured by the credit and taxing power of the issuing jurisdiction, not the revenue from a specific project.