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Is Momentum Investing for Everyone?

Those who employ momentum investing seek to hold on stocks which continuously rise and unload stocks that tend to decline in the long run. Since its existence in 2009, momentum investing has been o ne of the most effective trading strategies to say the least.

Shape a Financial Plan with Mind Mapping

For some people, coming up with a well-laid financial plan is an enormous, tedious process. But to ensure a sound financial future, one must account all factors such as his overall financial situat ion and health condition.

Four Seasons on Forex

The US dollar is a global currency comprising over 85% of all currency transactions. So traders choose between being a pro-dollar or anti-dollar. Most of them predict the future trend by employing either fundamental or technical analysis, or both.

Secrets behind Auto Loan Rates

You are a first-time car buyer. Wanting to get a great price and best rate, you choose a 0% financing. Do you believe that type of financing is the best choice? We tell you otherwise. &nb sp; Zero percent may not be 0% literally.

Tax Terminologies 101

The mere mention of tax rattles everyone, even if we contend with filing income tax returns annually. While the entire concept is complicated in nature, every taxpayer should have a fundamental kno wledge of the tax code.


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Focused Fund

A mutual fund which rather than holding a diversified mix of equity positions focuses on a limited number stocks in a limited number of sectors; unlike many funds which hold positions in excess of ...