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Financial Careers at Non-Profit Organizations

Working in a non-profit is not as lucrative as in a corporate world. The salary is lower, but benefits are better and jobs in this sector are more stable in the long run. If you hold a higher posit ion, you can still earn a decent income.

Wave Analysis

Wave analysis is a method of technical analysis based on the Elliott wave theory. Today this is the most popular way of forecasting the situation on Forex either among novice traders or professiona ls.

Singapore Exchange

Singapore Exchange Limited also called as SGX is an investment holding company based in Singapore and offers various services associated with derivatives and securities trading and others. Singapor e Exchange is affiliated to the Oceanian and Asian Stock Exchanges Federation and the World Federation of Exchanges.

Retiring with More Money - Possible?

Establishing a retirement fund is a challenging yet fulfilling endeavor. Everyone dreams of living a comfortable, peaceful life in their golden years. But, given today’s overall economic situ ation, is it possible to retire with more money?

Reducing Taxes on Severance Pay

In September 2011, the Hewlett-Packard Company ousted Léo Apotheker as its Chief Executive Officer after just 11 months on the post. His severance pay included $7.2 million to be paid out fo r more than 18 months, a $2.


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Quarter Over Quarter - Q/Q

This method is used by a company to measure its growth from one quarter to the next. This type of measuring is usually used to compare the growth of a company in terms of profits, although it may a ...