In the advent of social media, most companies often contemplate whether to increase their online presence or not for their business. Granted that this is the next big thing, should all companies invest their resources, at least, in social media? And how far should they go when it comes to resources?

Social media is all about connections, may it be on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Tumblr. Going online entails connecting your brand to customers, linking customers to other customers, and generating brand conversation. Such online platforms can help a corporation launch new or promote existing products and/or services, as well as reward customers for their participation through discounts, giveaways, promotions, and by giving comments and feedback, and asking questions. Setting up a proactive and suitable social media presence is an extension of a corporation’s marketing efforts and can just as easily be detrimental as it is an enhancement.

It is quite easy to conclude every company needs to establish their online presence. But that is not always the case. Not every corporation will generate enough return on investment (ROI) from pouring a lot of time and money in a complete social media profile. For instance, a consulting company, that gets 100% of its clients referrals or cold calling, won’t likely to benefit much from keeping an active Twitter account.

It actually depends on circumstances. Look at your firm and the industry you belong. Determine if your rivals update their social media profiles, and more importantly, if it has helped in building their image and expansion. Also, figure out if social media sites can improve customer service or extend the services you already provide. Speaking of customer service, companies can learn about what your clients think about your entity, as well as the products or services they like and don’t like.

Now, in case you have decided to use social media in expanding your firm, you may employ some tactics to get started. Companies may tap freelancers or marketing agencies to ensure consistency and appropriateness of the message. It is good to hire an in-office team member. By doing so, it makes them aware of your entity’s nitty-gritty without informing the external team. Or for starters, corporations can unhandcuff the staff and enable the interested ones take on the project.

Just a piece of advice: Be realistic on what your company can and cannot afford. Expand the roles if necessary. Bear in mind that social media is all about connections.