Assumptions will get you nowhere – and you know that, financial advisors. However, many advisors tend to presume especially if you are working with male clients, or digest little details and jump into giving conclusions or recommendations without even taking into account their financial status. Here’s something you can do to establish trust and promote business.

Acknowledge that many clients are not financially literate. So, expect them not to know the nuts and bolts of the financial industry, lest managing their finances. Our society has taught us to differentiate men and women, which are not true most of the time. Treat men and women equally and with respect, instead of belittling them because of your presumptions about their financial knowledge.

Lend your ear to the client. Know their financial needs and wants. The only key to understanding it is to let them speak. Ask as many questions as you can and listen attentively. You may want to kick off the conversation with the following questions:

  • What is/are your financial goal(s)?
  • What is/are your career goal(s)?
  • When would you want to retire? What do you intend to do during retirement?
  • How do you intend to bolster your investments?
  • What is/are your health concern(s)?

As your conversation progresses, you will uncover many norms or concerns which needs to be unmasked or addressed. Also, you will discover many more ways to help them reach their goals.

And lastly, be proactive. Clients want to feel they are being taken care of. Monitor their accounts and notify them if they need to change something. Do not wait for the client to reach out to you. Make the first move. Ensure they are satisfied with the services you offer and provide updates. Remind them about your meeting with the client as much as possible or if they need to provide additional paperwork including beneficiary forms.

If you are dealing with male clients, here’s what you should do: Acknowledge not everyone is financially literate, listen carefully, and become proactive. That way, you can set yourself apart from the remainder of advisors and render the service they need and deserve.