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Reading a Company`s Earnings Report

An earnings report is the picture of the company’s overall financial health. Companies ensure this document must be as encouraging as possible without violating the regulations set by the Sec urities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and deceiving the investors on its overall status.

Economies of Scale: Overview

Economist Alfred Marshall differentiated the internal and external economies of a scale. In simplest terms, internal economies of scale arises from within the company; external economies of scale o ccurs from extraneous factors including industry size.

How to Help People Who Start Retirement Planning Late

Financial advisors, how can you help people who start saving late in retirement? Incidentally, there are many ways to help those who start retirement planning late.

Best Trading Terminal

The best trading terminal   Are you looking for the best forex trading platform? Below you will find an in depth review & rating of the most popular tr ading platforms, including MT4, MT5, Currenex, ActTrader, droidTrader, iPhone and Android trading apps.

Filing Your Child`s 1st Income Tax Return

Parents have to make a lot of milestone decisions when their children enter adulthood in order to make their children independent and responsible. But there’s a particular milestone every par ent must face – filing the first income tax return under a child’s name.