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DIY Trading Strategies: Hit or Miss?

Sure, traders can pick many strategies from books, trainings, and crash courses. But have you heard of do-it-yourself trading strategies? Creating your own strategies can be an enjoyable activity. Before jumping to DIY trading techniques, take a deep breath, gather data and reading references, get a pen and a paper, and read this article.

Tips to Improve Client Communications

Every financial advisor knows communication is the most important tool they need to possess in order to succeed. So here are some steps to improve your correspondence with clients. Li sten.

Singapore Exchange

Singapore Exchange Limited also called as SGX is an investment holding company based in Singapore and offers various services associated with derivatives and securities trading and others. Singapor e Exchange is affiliated to the Oceanian and Asian Stock Exchanges Federation and the World Federation of Exchanges.

Best Trading Terminal

The best trading terminal   Are you looking for the best forex trading platform? Below you will find an in depth review & rating of the most popular tr ading platforms, including MT4, MT5, Currenex, ActTrader, droidTrader, iPhone and Android trading apps.

This Is Where Your Taxes Go

We all know part of our salary goes to Medicare, security, taxes, and other deductions. Sometimes, these deductions take a huge chunk of our income. But what exactly is taken from our paycheck?