Today’s Flashback Friday article is dedicated to students who are looking for the best student loan providers.

Citizens Bank. The entity providers both federal and private student loans, both undergraduate and graduate levels. It also offers different payment methods. However, it does not consolidate loans.

Cedar Education Lending. Looking for a better alternative? Cedar Education Lending is perhaps the answer to your question. Aside from loan consolidation and student loans, the entity has interest-only loan with four-year term that can be obtained by any person whose income will be lower after they finish schooling.

CU Student Loans. This is the go-to entity for loan consolidation. With over 140 nonprofit credit unions, the firm offers student loans as well for college graduates. One has to be part of a credit union in order to avail their services with low fees or rates.

Federal Government. Arguably, Uncle Sam is one of the friendliest among lenders. Thank the heavens for subsidized student loans. For low- or middle-income families, earning a college degree is within reach.

Wells Fargo. How about the banking company? Wells Fargo is one of the few institutions with consolidation services for private student loans, both for fixed and variable loans. It also gives discounts or rewards such as opening a separate account with them.

Sallie Mae. Highly rated by Moneysavingspro.com for its satisfactory customer service, Sallie Mae has the capacity to offer both direct and federal loans with flexible payment terms. Their website comes with encryption protection and loan calculator which enables borrowers to find the most suitable repayment scheme for them.

StudentLoan.com. Operated by Discover Bank, the website offers expansive educational articles, loan calculators, and write-ups encompassing student loans. It also gives various payment options but has no loan consolidation.

Sun Trust. Students should meet the following prerequisites for availing their loan: at least 17 years old, enrolled at least half-time at any qualified school, and a permanent resident of any state except Iowa or Wisconsin or US citizen. It does not levy origination fees.