In this tutorial, we will explore the different kinds of financial careers, the various basics of the financial industry, what you need to do in order to land a job in this prestigious field, and see if you’ve got what it takes to be survive in this industry.


Clearly, different financial careers require different qualifications but here are some common requirements for you to get a financial career. Understandably, the minimum requirement for a financial career, in fact in most job, is an undergraduate college degree. However, lately, it has also been a norm to have a graduate degree as well such as MBAs and PhDs. It is also a significant advantage if you have professional qualification, licensures, and accolades as with other fields. Examples of these recognition are the Certified Financial Planner (CFP), the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), and the Certified Public Accountant (CPA). These qualifications ensures that the candidates for the available financial careers are well-rounded and professional. Lastly, to bridge the gap between nations, English is used to communicate so it might be required of you learn in case you’re not a native speaker.

Available Financial Jobs

After checking your qualifications, it’s time to see the available jobs in the finance industry. Almost all cities in the United States have available jobs that are within the finance industry as finance has already evolved throughout the years to become an integral part of the human life. Although spread out far and wide, the best place to find variety, and hopefully find a job that matches your qualifications, is in the cities where the finance industry are more concentrated. Some of the major cities considered as international finance cities are Hong Kong, New York, Shanghai, Tokyo, and London. However, you need not fret if you live nowhere near these finance hubs as everywhere, especially in developing countries, more finance jobs are becoming available as the market thrives and grows. New banks and corporations are always being built to satisfy the demands of the growing population that want to manage and nurture their wealth. Other than the geographic availability of financial careers being almost everywhere there is also the internet. At the mere click of a button, you can already land a job. Almost every financial institution, if not all, have an internet representation where they communicate with their clients and potential customers. In these virtual portals, financial careers are offered. Basically, the hard part in finding a financial career for you is not the scarcity of jobs but the opposite. There are lots of careers available depending on your qualifications and interests.

Job Resources

As it is, a lot of people want to have a career in the finance industry. Sometimes, even all of those cutting-edge qualifications isn’t enough to land you a job due to fierce competition. Here are some things you can do to take advantage.

  1. Attend seminars and job fairs. Especially if you’re an undergraduate, take advantage of firms and companies that conduct career conventions in universities and colleges as they give you more focus.

  2. Go to specialized websites. There are websites on the internet that specializes in finance jobs. This is advantageous compared to those broad job searches that only give you the first job they are able to locate. Example sites: the CFA website, the Bloomberg terminal, and

  3. Be persistent and be patient. This is true with any job search. Finding the right job for you is one thing, finding the right job for you that pays well is another. So do your research, narrow your options, and give it your all.

In the next tutorial we’ll be exploring the specific jobs available in different fields of the finance industry and we’ll also give you a background of the general finance employers.