Can retirement endanger one’s health?

Referring to a research, the Social Security Administration said people who retire at 62 die earlier than those who retire at 65, regardless of the income level. But another study indicates the average life span is shortened by 2 months for each year of early retirement.

Many people are perhaps wondering if they can just unretire in order to not jeopardize their health expectancy. There is no assurance to that. But a person can try, anyway. There is no harm in trying unless you have a pressing health problem. If you love your job so much, ask the company if you can continue working for them on a part-time basis. Or try to work for their competitor if that is not possible. A person can also do volunteer work for a charitable institution or in a community. What matters most is you are doing something worthwhile and visiting different places.

Once you hit the golden years, change your lifestyle in a positive way. Eat a healthy, balanced diet. More on fruits and vegetables and less on junk foods. Exercise regularly, but make it more enjoyable. Research shows those who engage in physical activity is good to one’s overall health and has battled depression, as it can bolster your spirit.

If you despise working out, you can try walking for 20-30 minutes every day. Do it all by yourself or with your dog. You will also have a compelling reason to go out of your house each day, just think of how good the dog’s bladder will be for your health, not to mention you can find new friends among your fellow retirees.

Is retirement dangerous to your health? Not necessarily, as long as you choose to live a healthy life. Some people retire early and die earlier because they become less healthy. And as their lifestyle become less active, their brain function degenerates and physical well-being worsens. Result? Overall degeneration.

Just a piece of advice before you retire: Take charge of your life and your environment. Never let other people choose it for you. Have a day-to-day plan and be productive. Channel your energy and attention on something that interests you. Life is worth living. Take it from the Japanese who ought to make their lives meaningful because of ikigai, a Japanese concept which means "a reason for living". You need not to be extremely happy, but have a purpose for living.

Make the most out of your retirement. Plan ahead and stick to it. And most importantly, define your age, do not let it otherwise.