Most people are spenders in nature. Since it is easier for them splurge on anything, they often forget the concept of having an emergency fund. But some are savers. Before making any purchase, they analyze it over and over again.

Whether a saver or spender, this article will outline the six money management apps that can help you track your cash flow.


Digit seeks to introduce a new way of dealing with finances. Most of us know the significance of putting up an emergency cushion. Unfortunately, very few people have done this. The free up is designed to help individuals save money. Digit will connect your Digit savings account to your bank account. Every two or three days, it saves a small amount of money from your checking account to your Digit savings. You may access your Digit account at any time, whether you will be using it for a trip or for emergency purposes. All you need to do is to send Digit a text message. If facilitated, the money will be transferred back to your bank account the following business day.

Level Money

In essence, Level aims at creating a secure future for the coming generation. This app helps you monitor your daily, weekly, or monthly spending. It also enables you to see the exact amount of money in your account. However, it only focuses on one aspect: money. You cannot group your spending into several subcategories.

Mint Bills (formerly Check)

This app allows you to track everything - bills, money, bank accounts, and the like - in one place. Mint sends reminders of the bill’s due date and pay those on time. But you also have to sign up with Mint Bills in order to transmit information or payments. The app itself is free, but you need to pay a convenience charge if you are paying the bills using your credit card.


Tricount enables users to trace who owes money to whom. Using this app, you can share group expenses among your peers. For example, you are renting a house with three of your officemates. To monitor who has given their share, provide the necessary information in the Tricount app, and let the app do its work.

Toshl Finance

This free app is similar to other money management apps, but you need to enter your earnings and your spending manually. Also, you cannot link your bank account to Toshl. Some of its features are available for free, but to access its advanced features, you need to pay a specific fee for that.

You Need a Budget

Also known as YNAB, you can group your budget into numerous categories, including food, transportation, utilities, and any other spending. This app aims to help you understand more where your money goes, make sound spending decisions, and save more money faster. You may try YNAB for free for 34 days, but to fully access the app’s features, you need to pay $60.