A Gallup survey shows 54% of retired American investors remain hopeful about keeping their current income over the next 12 months. Also, 51% of respondents believe they can attain their investment goals in the coming year.

Retirement income is smaller than earned income. Having said that, majority of retirees are bothered about three things: cost, income, and safety. That’s understandable. If not managed properly, a person may end up depleting their retirement fund.

If you desire to invest in the future, go ahead. Here are budget-friendly investments for all retirees.

Do investing with an online brokerage firm or discount online brokerage companies. Two cents: not everyone is a fan of hands-off investing method and giving commissions to a broker. Good thing there is an inexpensive option to invest in stocks. Many entities offer a less costly way of purchasing and selling stocks at a reasonable fee.

Robo-advisors are for retirees who need some hand-holding but do not want to pay expensive rates or have not grown their retirement fund. This online investment service ascribes to algorithms to find out the most viable asset allocation for investors according to their timetable and risk appetite. What makes robo-advisors less expensive? Minimal human intervention. The platform does not often require any minimum amount to get started.

Looking for a conservative investment? There are cheap and passive alternative ways to invest in a group of stocks. One is index funds. Such investments are designed to trail an index such as the S&P 500. Not to mention it has less turnover, lowering the likelihood of paying taxes on capital gains. Another is exchange-traded funds. A retiree can obtain exposure to various industries and stocks without paying a premium price. Mutual funds are good investments as well. However, some mutual funds charge higher fees, especially if it is actively managed. Like the first two investments, the fund is a great tool for diversification.