American lawmakers take some time off from legislating measures in order to better the United States. More than half of legislators invest in different investment instruments, including stocks. Speaking of equities, below are some of their favorite holdings.

Apple Inc.

Who does not love the tech giant? Based on Center for Responsive Politics data, 57 American senators and congressmen own Apple shares in their portfolio. Apple recently fought with US regulators on unlocking the iPhone owned by a San Bernardino shooter. But it ended up with authorities finding an alternative to decode the device. Apple, with a market capitalization of $609 billion, is considered the most valuable publicly traded company worldwide. Forbes Magazine recently named the iPhone maker as the most premium companies around the globe.

General Electric

Since its inception in 1892, General Electric has amassed a market cap of $288.4 billion, making it the eighth largest publicly traded firm. The household appliances maker, which houses 66 traders from the country’s legislative department, also offers commercial loans to entities which need capital to expand its operations.

JPMorgan Chase & Co.

One of the leading financial institutions in the world has 50 investors from the Congress. Having a market cap of $231.43 billion, JPMorgan is in the business of asset management, commercial and investment banking, individual and corporate lending, and securities brokerage. In the last elections, the financial services holding firm donated more than $2.6 million to different candidates, which includes $40,750 to Congressman John Cornyn’s re-election bid.

Microsoft Corp.

With 53 US legislators investing in the firm, Microsoft Corp. proves it is one of the pioneers in the technology industry. Microsoft, with a market cap of $618.9 billion, is the brains behind the popular Microsoft Office suite and the Windows operating system.

Procter & Gamble

Procter & Gamble, boasting a market cap of $221.3 billion, holds 51 investors from the two houses of Congress. The consumer products company, since its establishment in 1832, has become one of the most significant companies in America.