It is true that the holiday season is a time for relaxation and spending time with family and friends. However, it is also known as a time when expenses mount, and you find yourself longing for that bonus you just held a few days ago. Fortunately, there are several ways to get a bit of extra cash at this much awaited moment of the year. Here are some suggestions to generate additional income:

Device swap

Worried about spending for gifts? Try to have your old gadgets which you no longer use be exchanged for cash. There are websites that have these offerings, plus it's a win-win for you because you get rid of stacked mobiles while earning simultaneously.

House for rent

If you usually celebrate with family and leave your home for the event, try putting it up for lease. You would be surprised at how many will be needing it especially if you live in a popular area. Just make sure to check the terms of your rent to ensure your house's safety.

Part-time jobs

Many diners and shops will be needing more staff given the busy schedule. If you can squeeze some time around your daily job, you may apply for one of these. Owning a car can also give you the option of driving for applications like Uber.

Cash returns

Shopping with credit cards can be handy at times, as it gives you a percentage of your expenditures back. However, you need to pay your balances on a regular basis, or this would not be a good idea at all. If you are not in favor of cards, there are also websites that offer similar services for online purchase as a way of

Make use of the oven

If you have kitchen skills, why not try to bake cakes and other goodies, since these delicacies are in demand during Christmas? Price your products according to your cooking time and ingredients, plus advertise your specialties through friends or social media.

Flash your pearly whites

Several companies are in need of family pictures for cards and other decorations. You can gather photographs with you family or peers, and send them to a stock photo page where you get paid every time the picture gets downloaded.