Young, wealthy yuppies belong to a generation that adores technology in a sense they cannot live without the advancement we experience today. Financial advisors need to go with the flow of digital revolution in order to attract these people and expand their client base, as well as retain them in the long run.

Charm clients with innovation and technology. Young people love all things technology. Personalize their browsing experience by enabling them to seamlessly access their trading accounts at anytime, any where. The application or platform should be consistent, easy-to-use, and relevant. Youngsters like customizing everything based on their preferences. It should also allow them to pick up where they left off without any interference or pop-up ads. The portal has to be flexible to integrate changes and/or updates easily.

Come up with a user-friendly dashboard. Considering the short-span attention of young professionals, they want to accomplish everything at once. Most young clients prefer navigating a dashboard which allow them to instantly see all of their assets in one page. Break the information into different sections. Also, the services and tools that you can provide need to match the clients’ changing needs and wants. You can use page views and other analytic data to determine how many clicks a user make to enter a specific page or tab.

Let people decide. A financial advisor or firm may opt to make some changes based on the prevailing culture, environment, and regulations. But if you hold high-net worth clients, the company should be customer-oriented. In other first, placing utmost importance on the clients above all else. If you do this, expect the customer base to expand.

Synchronize design and development processes. To gain loyalty and retention, optimize your customer service to clients which integrates their needs with your operations. All stages must be tested for intelligence and resiliency. For best results, all plans and procedures need to be changed as quick as possible.

Understand the requirements for the upkeep of client portals. Know the bass tracks of maintaining client portals. If you are not tech savvy, you can hire a professional to do the work for you. It is imperative to have a backup plan to ensure the efficiency of the portal and for the clients to have another way of managing their accounts should the portal bog down.