Some companies do not offer a severance package when you tender your resignation or your employer suddenly decides to terminate you for whatever reason. Granted you won’t be receiving one and you have no unemployment insurance, the only thing you will get until you find a new job is unemployment benefits from the state.

Referring to the aforementioned situation, is it necessary to secure an unemployment coverage?

US President Barack Obama expressed his support for wage insurance in his State of the Union Address last January. He said hardworking Americans deserve to obtain an unemployment insurance, enabling these people to pay his bills, look for a job which best suits them, and save for retirement.

IncomeAssure is an insurer which offers unemployment policy aimed at protecting the policyholder’s salary once he becomes unemployed. When you sign up for their plan and lose your job, you will receive a monetary compensation that is equivalent to half of a person’s weekly pretax income. The insurance company calculates the payout based on weekly unemployment payment and supplemental benefit. You are not eligible for the insurance If you are self-employed or seeking a new (or better) career opportunity after you resign.

Numerous factors determine the monthly premium, such as industry, gross annual income and commission (if any), state in which you are currently working, expected salary replacement rate, and number of prolonged benefit periods. Premiums levied by IncomeAssure are normally lower than 1% of the holder’s gross annual income and commissions. Also, you won’t be paying for premiums if you are getting benefits from the insurance firm.

Is there a need to secure an unemployment insurance? If you want peace of mind, comfort, financial stability, and steady income, then having this policy is worth every penny. In the world where we live today, securing and supporting oneself should be one of your primary priorities in life.