Many retirees have various reasons for working even if they are already retired, but it all boils down to two main factors: they have to because they need to fulfill some obligations or they simply enjoy whatever they are doing. This article has collated the main reasons why more people in their golden years still work.

Medical Bills. Even if they are in the retirement age, they still have the pressing need to find a part-time job at the very least. They have already wiped out the money supposedly for retirement due to inescapable difficulties. For instance, a family member that has an extended - and costly - illness such as cancer. There was once a theory which implies drug companies shifted the efforts of their research and development division to profiteering. Instead of curing diseases, they are creating drugs that make people stay on those medicines forever and the company to earn as much as possible. Whether that theory is validated or not, that is another story. The point is individuals keep on working to settle their medical bills.

Debt. Many retirees have unsettled debt obligations since their working years such as home loan, car loan, and other debts. Some took care of the student debt of their grandson or granddaughter, only to find their grandchildren never made the scheduled payments. Therefore, they have to pay it. Also, others are helping out with the grandchildren’s schooling because their parents cannot do so. That is not another debt, but a new obligation.

Insufficient Social Security. Social Security is really meant to augment one’s retirement fund and eliminate abject poverty. Many did not set aside a certain amount of money for it and believed their Social Security would be enough to make it through their golden years. Upon learning their Social Security won’t be enough, they found the necessity to keep working.

Travel. Not everyone who still works in their retirement age has to. Some of them just want to continue working because they find contentment in doing it. They find a part-time or seasonal job to earn extra money, all for the love of traveling.

People. Some retirees are sociable and outgoing. Yes, there are times they want to be alone and rest in their home. But they want to be surrounded with people, regardless whether their retirement fund is adequate or not. And since they have more idle time, the temptation to go back to work increases. One factor behind that is seniors do not often see their grandchildren and family members as they used to.

Stimulation. Aside from being outgoing, retirees love moving and doing everything. In other words, they want to make themselves busy as much as they can. Many are addicted to stimulation. Hence, they find things to do to feed their stimulation addiction.

Technology. In the advent of technology, seniors discover they can generate income through the internet. They turn their hobbies into small businesses, thanks to these social networking sites and online forums. Yes, they are still working but for themselves, not for somebody.

Fun and Fulfillment. It is like hitting two birds with one stone: they get to do their pastimes and earn money at the same time. Since technology allows retirees to generate income from their pastimes, they can turn their hobbies into work.They find fulfillment with that, and not to mention their boss is themselves.

Habit. If you spend at least 40 years of your life waking up early in the morning, eating breakfast, and going to work, that is a lifestyle. It is a habit too difficult to break. For these individuals, sleeping longer than usual for the first three weeks is heaven. But eventually, they find it boring in a sense they feel the urge to work. This is seen among business owners especially when they treat their business as their babies. And for them, working is the only thing they do. Rather than selling the business and retire, or passing on the company leadership to someone else, they keep on working.

Nobody wants to have a passive retirement. There is actually nothing wrong whether you choose to work even after retiring or maximize those golden years by doing something else. Whatever your choice is, make sure your everyday life is both enjoyable and rewarding.