Everyone will agree with us that we all desire to obtain a more comfortable airline seat for less. Two cents, though: not all airlines are generous and it often involves paying an extra charge. The fee may be reasonable or not, based on the package and your budget. Nevertheless, we have found at least four techniques to score better seats at a lower rate.

Some airline companies have no seat selection for economy passengers. You have an assigned seat from them. But if you want to sit next to a window or near the front of the cabin, you have to pay a bit higher price. American Airlines’ Preferred Seats lets a customer to occupy a vacant aisle or window seat for $4 (or above). Delta Airlines allows choosing your own seat by trekking the next tier up known as Main Cabin. Rates vary, but it costs $19 on a coast-to-coast flight.

The rate for premium seats differ according to various factors such as length of flight. JetBlue’s discounter seats are somewhat roomy compared to its counterparts. Still, if you want a greater legroom, you can avail an Even More Space seat for $10 or more. Also, Spirit Airlines’ Big Front Seats begins at $12. But depending on destination, it can shoot up to $199.

How about another seat for free? Only Southwest Airlines has it. Basically, any passenger can get and pay a certain amount for two seats. The money then will be reimbursed even if the flight is sold out. Read its Customer of Size policy for more details.

Granted your designated seat is close to lavatory. You wish to transfer to the front seat or close to the aisle but you have insufficient money. On that note, check your reservation days before leaving. Visit the seats portion or tab and grab the seat the soonest that you can. Also, you can visit their booth and charm your way to securing your preferred seat. Perseverance is the key.

In essence, you have two tools to get a better at a discounted rate: money or charm. You either pay the extra fee or enchant the agent with your persuasion.