Great things start with small beginnings. This cliché applies to money, too. Speaking of which, if you want to save to fulfill your financial goals, read below to know ways to earn additional money from unnecessary expenses.

Annual credit card fee. Various MasterCard, Visa, and the like do not charge annual fees. However, it is illogical to pay for such fees unless you are wealthy, have an unimpressive credit history, or hold a credit card with exclusive privileges. The same applies to other types of fees.

Bank fees. Many holders are not aware of the rates they pay for their accounts. Review the rules encompassing savings and checking accounts. Banks levy a certain charge for using the ATM of another bank. For example, the one-time rate for a $30 withdrawal is $8. Many people own accounts with a fixed number of deposits and withdrawals per month. If you own several accounts, you may opt to consolidate those.

Convenience store. Avoid trips to a convenience store as much as possible. There is a huge mark-up on the items being sold in these stores. Two cents: they do not purchase products in bulk and make consumers bear the premium in exchange of convenience they give.

Magazine. If you often read a particular magazine, it is better to subscribe to it on a monthly or annual basis than to buy it from a bookstore or grocery store. Believe it or not the price of two magazine issues is equivalent to the rate of monthly or yearly subscription.

Postpaid plan. Monitor your monthly bill. If needed, change your plan based on your needs. Either downgrade or upgrade your postpaid plan so you won’t be caught off guard. For instance, majority of telecommunications companies levy 50 cents per additional minute for calls. Also, check the additional features of your plan such as text messaging and its underlying fee, if any.

Soft drinks. We cannot deny how delectable soft drinks are. But fast food chains or restaurants place a large mark-up on beverages; hence, lower value for your money. Go ahead. Dine out with family or friends but go for water. Plus, it is healthy!