TURN YOUR $500 TO $1,000,000

An ordinary individual earning an average income may find it hard to start an investment given that he has to put other necessities on top of his priority list first such as basic needs and savings. This is why wise investing strategies are important and fortunately, one can actually obtain a million dollars with only $500 at hand through the concept of compounding returns. It is a process wherein your the same return percentage gives you a higher dollar amount profit annually compared to the previous years.

For example, a 10% yield would increase a $500 investment by $50 per year, but this sum can more than double up to $118 in five years. However, if you can manage a greater return like 30% you are bound to generate more in a span of two decades. Another thing that defines your yields will be your monthly contributions. A $100 allocation added to your initial money will give you $1.1M in 20 years, giving you that much desired millionaire title.

The question is, how would you set aside this much regularly with a medium-sized salary? Below are some of the best investments you can make with $500 that may give you more in the long run.

Spend for continuous investing lessons Several pioneers in the field often mention a book or a mentor when discussing their success. Whether big or small, allocating funds for learning investment tips or hiring a mentor to guide you with your strategies can be beneficial in the future.

Create your own business Owning a business of your choice is one undeniable source of money. Even better, the internet age has made it possible to start one without draining your wallet. For instance, more individuals are profiting from blogs, such as Angie's List Inc. which began as a compilation of reviews for consumer products. It is now a publicly traded company which makes $100,000 of net income. As part of the modern era, it is now convenient for anyone to start their own blog, especially with several sites where assistance is available if you are a beginner.

Get out of your comfort zone Take risks and try investing in something unique and exceptional. Many successful experts got to where they are now by dismissing the concept of diversification for a while and putting a full effort in something they believe will pay off. Contrary to common notion, this is not a gamble, it’s more of timing and calculated moves.