Weekends during Labor Day are often seen as one of the best times to shop and retailers are well aware that this is a two-day benefit on their part. This is why many are offering discounts on their products to attract more customers. Moreover, they are opting to eliminate their remaining summer inventory to make room for fall and winter offerings. For the shoppers, while it is easy to be carried away by the thrill of every purchase, it is also important to keep in mind that there are certain items they should think twice about before buying especially during this time. This will save them of extra expenses, and will help them stash more for the coming Thanksgiving season. Here are some of the things you should avoid spending your money on during this celebration.

Electronic gadgets

Opting for these devices during the said public holiday is not the wisest idea, especially if you plan on going for televisions. This is because what may seem like a price cut to you is really the result of an initial cost markup. Other purchases under the category such as digital cameras and smartphones will typically be available at a later period.

Fall apparel

Because it is reasonable and expected that people will prepare their closets for the coming change in season as early as September, stores put in a greater deal of effort in their marketing strategies. Many are offering 10% to 30% discounts cold-weather clothes and while this is savvy enough, you will usually get these garments by half of their original price if you wait for around a couple of months more.


Consumers tend to assume that early shopping for Christmas gifts for kids will give them good deals before the holiday rush. In contrary, they are likely to get higher reductions by early December as shops are trying to make space for the latest season's lineup.

Gas grills

Yes, the event is sometimes treated as an informal way to make the summer's end, but this item will not really give you the best value you can obtain from such items. Despite a 20% to 25% trim down on the weekend, it may fall another 25% by next month's start.

Cooking equipment

Cooks usually stock up by this season to prepare for feasts in the upcoming months. However, the best sales for small kitchen materials often starts two months later.

What to buy instead?

Major appliances such as refrigerators are usually practical to opt for, but your have to look for the best bargain since stores tend to compete in terms of prices to lure consumers. Mattresses are also a good pick as they often slash 60% of the initial price. Be wary of shipping fees though. It’s either you carry it yourself or negotiate for a more affordable delivery cost.