The possibility of robots replacing humans in their jobs is increasing over the years due to the rise of technology and popularity of automation. Debates regarding minimum wage hike also sparked concern that low-wage earners will be removed from their since a machine can already complete the task for them. A study also predicted that by 2020, around 5 million jobs will be lost. Employers may rely more on kiosks in the coming years, causing them to invest more on capital rather than on labor. Here are the industries that are likely to be partially run by robots in the future.

Fast-food chains Since many of the workers here earn a minimum salary, they are highly vulnerable to be replaced by machines, and many companies are considering it is more affordable to have robots in the field. There are already future visions on how a restaurant would have kiosks taking customer orders and receiving their payments. Moreover, most employers would want to lessen their spending due to unforeseen expenses such as lawsuits.

Grocery This sector have already began their shift towards automation through their self-checkout lines and the use of mobile payment methods. Store cashiers may no longer be needed in the future, especially since the machines can accept different modes of payments and return change in case you pay with hard currency.

Customer assistance As predictive analytics emerge, the need for customer-service jobs may also disappear, as this system can already answer queries and analyze problems to generate a solution. Using the parameters dictated by the client, it can relay the explanation back to the individual.

Finance The entry of bitcoin in th the field already made a remarkable breakthrough in the industry, especially with its fundamental Blockchain technology. This system automates all transactions and keeps a record of past ones, which could eliminate people who works in the banking sector and those in charge of maintaining records.

Marketing Because of the increased capability of computing and algorithm with predictive power, there will no longer be a need for marketers monitoring their target customers in line with proper timing. Enhanced technologies will be sprouting, which are able to study customer behavior and base their campaigns using the results.