SEC Form DFRN14A is also referred to as ‘revised definitive proxy statement’. This means that SEC Form DFRN14A is a filing that is utilized by non management whose purpose is for the submission of definitive proxy soliciting materials that requires a shareholders vote under the Securities and Exchange Commission. SEC Form DFRN14A was made for the purpose of conjunction with an annual meeting proxy with ample details for the security holders to make an informed vote at an upcoming security holders’ meeting or to authorize a proxy to vote in behalf of the security holder. The data gathered under SEC Form DEFN14A includes the annual meeting’s specifics like time, date, and venue, financial statements, revocability of proxy, the right of appraisal of dissenter, the identification of the people in charge of solicitation, direct and indirect interest of certain people in important matters, alteration or exchange in securities, and also the voting procedures, etc.