Before deciding whether to move our or remodel your home, you need to consider some other factors.

Emotional Attachments. You’ve lived in that house for the longest time. Naturally, you have lots of memories that you do not wish to part with, such as hosting your father’s 50th birthday party and celebrating milestones with loved ones in that abode. That’s understable. You either remodel the house or move to another place. If you desire to hold on to these memories, however, there are ways to do it without staying in your house (in case you opt to move out). For instance, you could put the picture of your dad’s golden birthday on the walls of your new home.

Inconvenience. Let’s face it: it will cause a major upheaval, regardless if you choose to move or renovate. You want a less disruptive choice, of course. If you have young children, for example, residing in a construction zone may not be an appealing option. You do not want your family to be constantly disrupted by noise, discombobulation, and the like, right?

Remodeling or moving out is time consuming. If you wish to move, you have to ensure the house you are about to leave is at its best so it can be ready for showings. Not to mention scouting for a new home, securing a new loan, and packing and unpacking your household items. If you desire to remodel, you need to come up with a developing plan, select the right professionals to do the job, look for furnishings and fixtures, and deal with unanticipated problems and cost increases.

Plans for the Future. Planning to get married soon? Changing jobs? If that is the case, wait until your plans unfold. Moving twice in a short time period is a waste of money, time, and effort. And your home would not be sold until you made some renovations on it. In the meantime, find more practical, less expensive ways to make your home more attractive and functional.

Social Networks. Let’s say you are moving to a more useful abode within the same location, not city. But living in a new community, even if it is in the other end of the town, entails some changes. You can make friends or your children can transfer to a nearer school. Also, you would see your friends less often. Renovation might be a better choice if you have well-established networks in your current area and wish to keep it that way. Otherwise, move out and be open to changes.