Wells Capital Management is among the biggest financial institutions globally and has been operating for a ten years now. It is comprised of investment teams that has been consolidated into a single unit to form an asset management business. After undergoing several acquisitions, the company has blossomed into a full time investment handler catering to investors in different parts of the world.

In terms of decision making, the outlet enjoys independence but operates alongside the main firm's other businesses. It's main services center on equity and income investment techniques, making a variety of options available across different different regions. It also has groups that handle multi-assets. As of present, it oversees $348B holdings and serves around 1,000 clients in 30 countries.

WCM’s culture has traditionally been of making autonomous thinking and innovation, which is advantageous because it enables them to to generate original studies and supply insights. Moreover, it provides them with the best professionals who have been working for the firm for decades. Every unit incorporated within the company has their own methods of constructing their portfolio according specialization. Aside from this, part of their main focuses is risk handling, with a separate team working to ensure their portfolios are all balanced and secured.

The branch’s available offerings range from strategies to modified solutions for businesses, pensions, and banks, plus other firms under the scope of the banking institution. For equities, methods range from market-focused ones across diversified investing styles to global approaches. Multi-holdings systems are also accessible, wherein asset allocation ways and risk hedging solutions are at hand.

Groups of staff oversee majority of funds they handle through a mutual fund sub advisor role, while 11% are associated with advisory partnership with external distributors. WFC is managed by Kirk Hartman, who serves as its chief and supervises all operations within the outlet after he first entered as CIO.