Finally, after so many years, you will explore another country. Different place. Different people. Different culture. Different personalities. However, this exciting venture entails a lot of thought, research, and preparation. The planning process can be somewhat intimidating because an individual needs to take care of many important things, from mapping out travel itinerary to securing finances during the trip.

But worry no more. This article will provide some financial pointers for first-time travellers.

Limit the Amount of Money on Hand. Most first-timers fear they might run out of money or it might be stolen. Never bring too much (or less) money. In order to shield your wallet, limit the amount of cash you carry on hand and have a backup like a major credit card, traveler’s check, or extra money. But if you intend to bring cash, do not store it all in one place. Place it in several wallets or pockets.

Use Traveler’s Checks. A good alternative to bringing money while traveling abroad, such checks are accepted in several countries. Did I mention this is way safer than cash? Yes, it it because money, when lost or stolen, cannot be replaced. Another plus is it have two separate lines for signatures. One line is for receiving the check and the other for purchasing an item. The cashier then will validate both signatures to ensure it match perfectly, as well as confirm your identification before cashing them. Hence, it is impossible for anyone else to use these checks.

Store Legal Documents and Important Contact Details in a Safe Place. Make sure to file all vital details pertaining to you. Many travelers hide their legal documents in their hotel safes and keep these copies while sightseeing. One needs to have their passport, photo ID, and birth certificate readily available. Also, write down all important phone numbers in a small notebook or notepad, including the contact information for your credit card companies and the local embassy abroad. It should be readily available in case of an emergency.

Notify Credit Card Company ahead of Your Trip. Forget not to inform your credit card company regarding your travel abroad, just to be safe. Provide them with important details relative to your trip such as hotel information and length of travel. Certain firms become suspicious if international charges reflect on their client’s billing statement.

Verify if the Medical Insurance is Accepted Abroad. One of the most overlooked aspects when traveling to another country is medical insurance. There are certain health insurance carriers which are accepted abroad. Again, just to be sure, validate all information with your insurance carrier. Frequently, the policy will cover you at a lower percentage and a higher out-of-pocket expense. Before anything else, double-check all relevant details with your health insurance provider.