Forex owes its striking popularity to wide accessibility. In order to trade on this market, one only needs to have an internet-connected computer. Entering the market does not require big investments. Moreover, trading can be conducted in an automated mode, when experts advisors do a trader's stint of work. People starting their way on Forex often lack experience or knowledge to trade on their own. That is why over half (about 70%) of all market players choose automated trading. Employing expert advisors help avoid the detrimental effects of panic, anxiety, and other emotions. Expert advisors are developed on the basis of many year experience of successful speculators and professional analysts. Even though the automated trading programs do not guarantee 100% profit, they are great to start your Forex trading with. So, what is automated trading, also known as EA trading? Expert advisors are special programs comprising various modules to analyze charts and data going from a trader to the broker. Automated trading systems have been employed by traders for quite a long time already. There are more and more EAs every year. Many of them get upgraded. Not only is EA trading profitable, it also helps gain skills necessary for efficient work on Forex. Most of expert advisors offered by different companies for automated trading are very simple to use, so no know-how is needed. Just download them, install, and adjust settings – and you can start trading which will immediately bear its fruit. In most cases, trading systems are provided free of charge with a promising description of the functionality. However, at times it has little to do with reality. So, relying on EAs alone is irrational, despite all the advantages. Traders who have gained sufficient expertise and know all ins and outs of trading strategies begin trading on their own, determining the currency rates' dynamics on short or long time frames.

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