Bernie Sanders is challenging the Democratic establishment, arguing the party leaders are bolstering Hillary Clinton’s road to clinching the presidential nomination. However, the Vermont senator recognized attempting to outmatch her rival would be an uphill path to trek. Despite his stance, the former first lady still has it: traction. According to renowned statistician Nate Silver, she holds 75% chances of becoming the next US president.

Provided she becomes the head of the most powerful country in the world, certain instruments including exchange-traded funds and stocks can cash in on this stipulation. Here are those.

Aerospace will definitely benefit from the Clinton presidency. The former state secretary previously mentioned she would be more aggressive than President Barack Obama in terms of utilizing the army. The defense sector will get a lift as well. The US government recently increased the orders for drones, long-range bombers, and submarines.

Invest in iShares US Aerospace and Defense ETF if you are considering this idea. The fund trails the Dow Jones US Select Aerospace and Defense Index. Two cents: diversification and reduced risk. On the defense side, you may venture in Northrop Grumman Corp. Recently, Jeffries rendered a buy rating for the company.

Healthcare will gain momentum. Clinton seeks to expand Obama’s Affordable Care Act. Hospitals will benefit since the number of people who will be insured will surge. You can invest in this industry – proceed with caution, though. The Democratic presidential front-runner is not an aficionado of biotech or big pharma. But you may opt to invest in some hospital shares such as Community Health Systems Inc. and HCA Holdings Inc.

Are you a fan of solar power? The Clinton force is with you. By 2020, the presidential hopeful plans to install 500 million solar panels, five to seven times higher than present levels. That remark alone can glide the sector to its highest high. Not to mention tax credits have been modified and over half of American states award incentives for such an venture.

However, the industry is volatile in nature. Invest in ETFs instead of stocks. You can include Guggenheim Solar ETF which mimics the MAC Global Solar Energy Index. But if you want an individual solar stock, pick the stocks of First Solar Inc. that is known for having upbeat cash flow, stable balance sheet, and consistent annual net income and revenue growth.