When it comes to social media, among the most prominent names is undeniably Facebook, with over 1 billion users. Along with the popularity of such websites came other networks such as Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat who are also coping in terms of popularity. Given these many choices, what should a financial advisor choose to boost his strategy in gaining clients?

When it comes to giving money and asset management advice, it was said that the perfect platform to use is LinkedIn, which is a professional site commonly associated for those who are looking for employment. In reality, it is more than just a page where you can publish your resume because over the years, it was able to garner around 460M users. This is because it can also be an avenue for advisors to display their expertise and service offerings, which can be helpful in their digital marketing technique.

Primarily, this will save you from the massive expense and effort of mailing all your potential clients. With just a few types and clicks, you can send the information you want to distribute in your network, and can incorporate photos as well. In a field where time means money, this can be of big advantage to you. Plus, LinkedIn is a more serious page compared to other accounts, where personal, unnecessary files and posts may mix into the process. For example, if you are having an event, you may post the flier on the website through the upload function in your homepage.

Moreover, it makes communication more efficient, especially since many customers prefer online interaction initially. You may contact through direct messaging or engage via content, and give update by liking, sharing, or commenting in an individual’s post, wherein they will receive a notification with your name on it. This is one of the best ways to build connections nowadays, which was proven by a recent survey disclosing the number of advisors using the internet to perform their tasks is now up at 85%.

Last but definitely not the list, using LinkedIn was confirmed to have generated profit in the industry. It was revealed that 80% have gained clients through social media--a remarkable increase from a previous figure of 49%. The research also verifies that the average hike of holdings under management amounted to $1.9M. The catch here lies in the upcoming move to maintain the record, which will be up to the advisor's’ level of being proactive in reaching out to complete deals.