As of present, the California-based company has a market capitalization of $650.8 and a price-to-earnings ratio of 12.83. The tech giant is the house of Mac, Apple Watch, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Apple Music, and other innovative products. It also sells digital content and applications, networking solutions, and softwares.


The multinational energy company, also located in California, has a P/E ratio of 14.12 and a market cap of $169.27 billion. Chevron, comprised of upstream and downstream segments, controls the whole supply chain, from exploring, producing, and transporting oil to refining, marketing, and selling crude.


Introduced in 2004, the social networking company, which was initially designed for Harvard students, has expanded to allow any person age 13 and above to create an account. Facebook has 1.44 billion month active users this year. A user can connect and reconnect with people through status updates, messages, and photo and video sharing, among others. The site’s growth has made them earn billions of dollars in annual revenue. Facebook has a market cap of $275.6 billion and a P/E ratio of 99.57.


Google, with a P/E ratio of 32.51 and a market cap of $476.4 billion, develops various products and services on multiple screens and different devices, available in over 50 countries and more than 100 languages. The Internet search engine also offers a self-serve platform, enabling advertising agencies, brand advertisers, and publishers to step up their digital marketing throughout display, mobile, and video.

Wells Fargo

Established in 1852, the banking and financial services company breaks the mold among successful technology firms in the industry. Wells Fargo is the fourth biggest bank in the United States (based on assets), as well as the largest American bank (in terms of market cap). The company. having a market cap of $270.8 billion and a P/E ratio of 12.77, has three subsidiaries: community banking, wealth, brokerage and retirement, and wholesale banking.


This multinational financial services firm specializes in processing electronic fund transfers via its credit card and debit card services. Instead of issuing cards or extending credit lines, Visa provides numerous payment products to other financial institutions, which can be offered to the general public. The company has a P/E ratio of 21.53 and a market cap of $171.77 billion.