Are you addicted to investing? Do you feel powerless if you fail to make some investments in a day? Do you dream about it almost every night? Do you devote much of your time into this endeavor? Perhaps the following signs can tell if you are.

Being obsessed with investments. At one point in their lives, traders have been captivated by assets and the like. Trailing each investment is okay, but following them at every turn is addiction. And that addiction can take you nowhere. Technology has made this easier for us. Seek the help of a professional if you constantly check your assets from time to time or are frightened the moment you lose the sight of your precious assets.

Concealing ‘habit’ from loved ones. One distinct sign is hiding your trading activity from those who matter to you. Then, you begin sneaking around and lying about it. Family and friends are the first ones to notice signs of addiction. They attempt to help the person by interceding or processing the matter with the person. If you are entangled in this situation, start acknowledging the fact you are hooked into trading.

Getting high on huge investment returns. Investors feel good each time they score a large investment win. This is normal. But for hardcore stock traders, this is adrenaline rush. And when we say it is adrenaline rush, one big victory is enough for trading virtuosos. Their mantra is the more huge returns they score, the better.

Having short-term goals to earn money. There is no question the very essence of investing is making money. However, the duration of earning money can make a difference, or rather, reveal your craving for investing. If a person puts on his short-term vision, he tends to commit costly and perilous trading mistakes. Creating and maintaining a well-laid trading plan can help you avoid making mishaps.

If you find yourself cutting or breaking relationships with people who matter to you, you are in trouble. If you prefer trading over deepening your connection with them, you have a problem. This is the best time to face and recognize this addiction of yours and get a professional help.