The Cleveland Cavaliers has made a history when it emerged from a 3-1 drought in NBA Finals, which led to the team clinching its first major championship since 1964. Today, we will go down the memory lane as the 70th season has unfolded.

Chris Bosh


Appearing in 840 games and logging 828 starts in his career, Chris Bosh has failed to play 118 games due to illness and/or injury. Still, the Miami Heat was able to score 48 victories and stood third in the Eastern Conference this year. Bosh’s future remains uncertain at this rate as his contract is down to last three years.

Dwight Howard


Dwight Howard, or "Superman" to NBA aficionados, closed with a 41-41 record but got placed on inactive list for two straight games as well. A left ankle strain resulted in 10 missed bouts in the 68th season. Howard is awaited to explore as free agent following his contract with Houston Rockets ends. However, his well-documented attitude in the locker might get him in trouble with his fellows.

Carmelo Anthony


Known as one of the elite players, Carmelo Anthony scored 27.4 PPG in the past season. He is poised to embark on the third year of his five-year contract, as well as to generate about $24.56 million after the 32-50 standing brought by New York Knicks.

Lebron James


Two years ago, Lebron James returned to his very first team and made a pledge to bring home the bacon to Cleveland Cavaliers. And he fulfilled that promise when he marshalled his team to a remarkable return versus Golden State Warriors. James will be the highest earner in the league as Kobe Bryant bowed down in April. But things may change in two years, which may rely on any likely free agent contracts which can come his way.

Kobe Bryant


Let’s describe Kobe Bryant in numbers: 35 games, 22.3 points, and 5.7 rebounds. The 70th season has served as his last bid for NBA, ending his 20-year career with Los Angeles Lakers. After he retired this year, Bryant has become busy with many endeavors, including the inception of his own studio and conducting basketball clinics to and fro.