For many people, being able to eliminate the everyday task of commuting to an office and take more control of their time is highly beneficial, as it helps them save time and money. Fortunately, working from home is now possible given the rise of technology nowadays. Opportunities, mostly in the financial field, vary from full time corporate jobs to independent contractors. Below is a list of the most profitable professions you can try in this sector.

Day Trading This type of job allows you to handle stocks for a minimum amount of time, and allows you to perform several trades per day. It alsoo does not offer a fixed salary, or other benefits, those who thrive in this field are able to obtain massive amounts of returns. on capital. You need to have not just good predicting skills, but also a long term trading method, ability to be updated with the latest market information, comprehension of short term market movements, and analytical software.

Finance Writer These professionals are highly in demand, despite being the least publicized among the categories of writing. It is also the easiest to do at home, as you have all access to necessary sources via the internet. Good ones can get around $70,000 to $90,000 per year, and you can also upgrade your career by obtaining a master’s degree in either journalism, economic, management, or finance.

Financial Planner These individuals rarely base their jobs in-house, but it may still work as long as you provide an appropriate backdrop for their practices as clients are unlikely to trust someone whose office is based on an messy appartment in a neglected area of the city. Aside from this, there are several matters to consider as well, such as parking spaces, restrooms, and so on. It would be wise to consult the family first on whether they are willing to share the residence with your business. At the same time, being able to push through with this will also save you from spending for transportation, as well as extra expenses you have when you work in far away.

Corporate Careers It encompasses a wide range of jobs such as certified public accountants, researchers, and computer programmers. Since many of these are being offered to self-reliant contractors, many businesses are hesitant to extend their spaces to make room for more employees, since many employers now allow their staff to work at the office part time, wherein they will only report during certain occasions.