Despite the successes and failures, the praises and controversies, and the ups and downs, bitcoin has continued to proliferate through the years and in ways we had never imagined. As of August this year, this digital currency has a market capitalization of $9.71 billion and around $9.1 billion are in circulation worldwide.

Many traders have dipped their hands into this investment, including the people in the list below.

Adam Back

The British-born investor is the Co-founder and President of Blockstream, a company he founded with Gregory Maxwell. Adam Back, considered a distinct market player, developed hashcash, a system that eliminates cyber attacks and spam by seeking proof of work. This algorithm is integrated in bitcoin mining. Since its inception in 2014, Back’s trading platform has formed a huge and promising technology group and generated more than $76 million this year.

Barry Silbert

Similar to Back, this investor is the Founder and Chief Executive of Digital Currency Group that primarily focuses on the advancement of the global financial system. Barry Silbert’s company, which owns Genesis and Grayscale, creates and bolsters bitcoin and blockchain firms. As of late, his firm has invested in over 75 bitcoin firms, making it the world’s leading entities among cryptocurrencies. Aside from acquiring Coindesk, Silbert also introduced the Bitcoin Investment Trust, managing $143 million in assets as of present.

Blythe Masters

Blythe Masters, who used to work at JPMorgan Chase & Co. as Managing Director, is the Chief Executive of Digital Asset Holdings, an entity that produces processing tools grounded on encryption. Having JPMorgan as its first client, the firm has earned $60 million in financing and intends to integrate the blockchain technology to Wall Street activities. Her company has six offices on three regions.

Marc Andreessen

Marc Andreessen recently made waves when he deleted all his Twitter posts and embarked on a Twitter break. Besides that news, he established Andreessen Horowitz alongside Ben Horowitz in 2009. The California-based firm ventures in technology firms and manages more than $4 billion this year. A Facebook board member, he also founded Netscape with James Clark. His company is invested in Coinable and TradeBlock.