Materialistic. Narcissistic. Overconfident. Self-centered. Tech-savvy. These are some words which describe millennials. What sets them apart from other generations is the advent of technology and fast-paced daily life. But, believe it or not, millennials are looking for something else.


Retiring early is not appealing to them. This generation wants to save and/or spend money on items that truly matter to them. Also, they are very conscious of their core values. Millennials do not mind working longer as long as it gets them closer to attaining their goals. On that note, they value freedom a lot. To unlock it, they need money to have more choices in their lives.

Work-Life Balance

Many people do not enjoy what they currently do. Therefore, one of the reasons why people save is to gain the flexibility to do something different, such as changing into another career, starting their own business, or pursuing their doctorate degree. In the case of millennials, they would prioritize finding a good work-life balance over waiting to reach their golden years. Again, retirement is not on their radar yet (at least).

Jobs They Believe In

The days of young professionals working for the same entity for 40 years or so are over. Entrepreneurial in nature, millennials want careers they enjoy. If they are going to change companies every few years, they want to be in a career they desire. This generation is certain they will be working for a long time, whether it is establishing a business or working for a company in which its values are aligned with theirs. In other words, they want a career or an endeavor they believe in.

Benefit the Causes They Care About

Although narcissistic, millennials do not dream of being rich just for themselves. They want to support causes they care about, as they feel a sense of obligation and responsibility relative to wealth. Believe it or not, this generation has a deep sense on how to channel their riches to make a difference in the place they live in, especially if their health was inherited.