Selling your abode should not take a toll on you. However, committing the following mistakes may slow down this process. Here’s what you can do to make selling a home an easy breezy.

Overpricing. Sure, your humble abode is in a hot market. But you cannot price your home too high. For realistic asking price and negotiation limits, talk to your real estate agent. Remember your house still need to be appraised to determine the reasonable offer price.

Making odd home improvements. Not all makeover projects are worth a dime. It is important to choose home improvements most suitable for your house. Stay away from projects which will defeat the abode’s appeal and/or are too personal. Also, avoid painting walls with bright colors, mounting a major remodel on your own, or redoing a portion of the house other that is too far from its initial usage or purpose.

Not cleaning the house. Never expect prospective buyers to like your house if you have not depersonalized it. Take time and exert extra effort to clean the house and remove any personal stuffs to make the property more attractive.

Making the place look like it is occupied. Now that’s a major boo-boo! Granted you have been residing in your house for a long time, make it appear as if you are not living there as much as possible. Ditch or hide your personal items especially when potential buyers decide to check your home. Coordinate with your real estate agent to make sure they won’t show up unexpectedly.

Forgetting our "best friends". We are referring to our pets. Not all buyers own pets or are pet lovers. If you have one, keep those "friends" out of sight. Remove any trace of pet in your place before an open house or walkthrough. Or if you intend to hide them in the backyard, notify the realtor before the likely buyers visit.

Turning the lights off. Illuminate your place especially for showing after dark. You may opt to put the lights on a timer to save energy. Buyers shy away from dark or dimly lit homes.