In this article we will try to learn extensively the major mistakes made by the traders during the trading on Forex currency market.

So, you have decided to become a trader. In order to understand the occurring processes before you entered the market and started the work worth getting wise with the literature and basic terms. In theory you must grip how does Forex market work, what are the influencing factors for the market processes.

Firstly, what a trader must learn above all – control over his emotions. Lack of emotions control is the major mistake of all traders. It does not matter what result you will achieve – profit or loss - the trader’s head must stay calm.

The second mistake of the beginning trader is hoping of luck and complete trusting to intuition. At some moment when you overbear the line of the beginning trader and become a professional you will have to find more infallible method to receive stable profit on Forex currency market.

For the purpose of avoiding the third mistake a trader must analyze all the processes taking place on the stock exchange. A trader must not miss any essential news. If a trader has lost the events sequence it may result in negative consequences.

If you are striving for reaching success on the currency market then you have to work out your own strategy. Only having a certain investigated plan you can move further. If you have a certain trading system – follow it strictly. Often a newbie switches from one strategy to another, it is important to remember that there are rises and falls on the market. Despite that you will face them both it is better not to beat up and down.

Another big problem for traders is hesitation. A trader must not doubt in his actions. You have to learn orienting in processes running on the market, moreover, you must not miss a suitable moment for making a deal.

A great mistake of a beginner is starting the work at the same time with the market. You have to wait for a certain period of time, after that analyze everything happening and only then enter the market.

One more wide-spread misstep of a trader is opening a position without setting a Stop-loss order. It can lead to huge losses which could be avoided.

Indeed, this list of mistakes is far from full, but knowing them rather well can prevent you from making those missteps which can put out of business.