Options are somewhat complicated in nature even though it is a safe bet. Still, options trading like a boss is made possible with the following mobile applications.


The mobile application comes with latest market news and quotes, as well as analyses and price details of investment instruments, enabling traders to keep abreast of market developments. Users can choose a certain option they desire to trail. AzFinance also includes over 30 major profitability metrics and financial ratios.

Stock Option Quotes

For all things options, download this application. It offers user-friendly stock and stock index option monitoring for equity markets in the United States. With Stock Option Quotes investors can check numerous call and put options which have differing strike prices and maturing dates. It also provides details about each exchange-traded fund, stock, and stock indexes from the key stock exchanges in America. Charts of indices and stocks are available as well. Users can personalize the menu to their liking, depending on their needs and the option listings they wish to follow.

Stock Option Simulator

Traders, using this application, can generate projections on many options and employ stochastic modeling to figure out the estimated payoffs of a stock over a specific expiration date. Results are flashed through a histogram. Users can view up to 20 different put and call option types and techniques by using Stock Option Simulator.

Trusted Binary Options Signals

Specifically designed for binary options, the app renders live price quotes for binary options on several derivatives. Also, it tracks commodity futures, the foreign exchange market, indices, and stocks in order to form varying binary options trading signals. Such signals account social media trends and technical analysis. Social media trends are taken from a huge database of social media commentary, which are then evaluated to create signals. While Trusted Binary Options Signals do not offer options trading, it features various online brokers offering this type of trading.