Life is a constant change. A lot can transpire from the moment you draft your living will to the time you actually have to implement it. That is why the document needs to be updated according to the developments in technology or changes in their lives.

Medical technology continues to evolve. One of the reasons for creating a living will is to outline the treatment you would want to get if you were severely injured, critically ill, or in a vegetative condition. Remember this document does not take into account any improvements in medical technology. Hence, it is important to have your will anchored to the latest advancements in medicine.

For example, your will indicates you do not wish to undergo any operation in case you reach Stage IV Lung Cancer. But, say five years later, scientists discovered a life-saving operation which can cure your illness. Since you living will is outdated, the doctors won’t be able to perform that operation because you told them so.

Aside from that, any medical diagnosis can make you rethink if your future healthcare. What if you are diagnosed with an imperious illness? Your existing living will may suddenly be thrown out of the window. Any person diagnosed with an illness needs to rewrite their will or ensure it matches their present care needs and conditions. No one wants to deal with such adversities, but you have to face the reality a diagnosis can change everything.

Expect lots of things to unfold in medical progressions, including cures. A medical directive is out-of-dated if it excludes latest developments through the years. Prescriptions and the like can tend to be a grey area, so it pays to make this document more flexible. Revisiting your will can go a long way in guaranteeing you benefit from any future breakthrough especially when you can no longer decide for yourself.

Nothing in this world is permanent except change. Sure, when you were younger, you may dwell on the idea of being revived. But your views on these matters may evolve. As we get older and gain more experience and knowledge, it is imperative to review your will and indicate all the medical care you desire to receive in case of a disease.

Moving to another location can force you to update your living will. Your residence says a lot of things you want to obtain in the future. Different areas, different rules, different regulations. Take that living will out to make sure it gels with the applicable rules. If you move several times, your will should fall within the mandate of related regulations.