Buying and/or selling a house is difficult, but what makes it harder? Lazy or inept real estate agents. Let this article help you with searching for a good agent before you decide to sign a listing contract.

Look around. Talk to the branch manager of a real estate office and ask their top selling agent for the previous year. This won’t assure he will be the right agent for you, but it may be a stepping-stone to finding a seasoned agent that will take care of you and your interests. Another approach is to ask family members and/or friends if they know an agent, especially if these people have recently purchased or sold a house. Doing so can give you an opportunity to see the individual in action through people that you trust. The goal of this method, whatever method you employ, is to isolate people with certain competency level and avoid incompetent ones.

Interview agents. Most buyers and sellers prefer agents that are well-spoken, smart, and presentable. Intelligent, savvy individuals can communicate their sales pitch and expertise more effectively, not to mention they are also more organized.

Specifically for sellers, they should search for agents whose personalities mesh with theirs in order to sell the property quickly and at a favorable price. The agent and the listing party must be on the same page on marketing the property, selling price, and presenting the house. This is much easier if both parties are on the same footing.

Ask for references. A credible agent have clients who can attest to their capacities. The agent will possibly give the names of people who are likely to say good things about the. Take an extra mile to call these people. You can ask yes-no questions, but open ended ones tend to elicit candid answer. Their responses will let you know of the agent’s strengths and weaknesses right away.

Consider their time availability. For sellers, it is advisable to deal with an agent who can show your home at different hours. For buyers, retain an individual that can take you out to see houses at a most convenient time for you. It might be helpful to ask the agent whether he works full time or part time. Full-time agents tend to take their jobs more seriously and are more flexible in showing your property.

Find agent who offers suggestions. Savvy agents know the houses being sold in the area. Therefore, they can suggest rooms or features to be highlighted or removed. In the final interview, ask the agent how he would sell the house or for any changes he could made to make the properly more appealing. Good agents frequently give suggestions without prodding.

Be with an area expert. You are fortunate if you have found an individual who knows a great deal about the location, including schools, hospitals, recreational facilities, shopping malls, and the like. Such agents are also familiar with the typical offering and selling prices than agents that do not work in the vicinity. Ask a local brokerage or friends/relatives if they know someone who has sold numerous homes and/or businesses in the area. You can also look through real estate magazines and see agents with the most listings in some areas.

Be with a connected agent. Experienced agents can lead clients in the right direction and help them get a lawyer, home inspector, and other professionals that can assist them seal the deal. Make sure to ask the individual if he is closely coordinated with any other professionals. Take note that certain agents may even accentuate their contacts. Seek agents with wide connections to make the process way easier.

Think twice before inking an exclusivity agreement and after doing all of the above-mentioned steps. It is important to be with an able real estate agent to close a transaction on promising terms.