SEC Form F-9 is also referred to as the Registration Statement for Certain Investment Grade Preferred Securities of Certain Canadian Issuers. This means that SEC Form F-9 is a filing required to be filed by Canadian foreign private issuers that are publicly-traded under the Securities and Exchange Commission. The issuers are also required to have been subjected to a constant disclosure over a time period of 12 month prior to the filing that will be conducted by Canadian authority for the registration of non-convertible investment-grade debt or securities that must be offered in cash or as a part of an exchange offer that must be non-convertible for at least 1 year except in the case that the registrant is a majority-owned subsidiary. SEC Form F-9 ‘wraparound’ form for all the other significant Canadian offering documents required by the securities regulation in Canada. SEC Form F-9 must also be filed by companies that have an aggregate market value of public float or outstanding equity that amounts to $75 million.