Since childhood, Selena has always dreamed of owning a large farm house surrounded with lots of animals – every kind of animal the world has – and having five children.

Just like her, everyone visualizes what their dream house would look like. Many people wish to have a huge house with a swimming pool. Others want to live in a small, decent home. Nevertheless, we want to live in a place full of happiness and contentment. We want an abode that makes us feel financially secured and stable. And most importantly, we want a house we can call our own.

But many individuals assume achieving that dream may not be possible or may be overwhelming, thinking they cannot afford it or their credit is not sufficient. Not to mention they believe the entire home buying process is daunting and complicated. Therefore, they no longer pursue that goal.

Based on a survey by Gallup, here are some of the reasons as to why Americans decided to own a house: investing because it appreciates in value, belief in owning, establishing equity, and smarter thing to do. On the same survey, the company revealed 37% of non-homeowners believed they could acquire a house in the next five years, but 31% of them believed they could not perceive it.

The anxieties of the unknown should not be a hindrance to achieving your dream house. Sure, there will be lots of adversities and obstacles, but research and diligence can make the homebuying process somewhat easier. Also, there are various sources available which will explain the procedures.

Thinking of buying a home? Let this tutorial guide you with the following processes: choosing the location, determining the house suitable for your needs, computing the type of home you can afford, securing pre-approval for a mortgage, finding an agent and a house, writing an offer, going through escrow process, and securing an insurance. The next tutorial articles will outline these steps, as well as what an individual must and must not do at every turn.

Buying a house has never been as easy as buying candies in the grocery store. You may encounter difficulties and stress along the way. But you do not want to rent forever, right? You should at least know what to expect and understand every process. This is supposed to be a momentous occasion because this is also one of the most important financial investments a person or a family will ever make.

Upon reading the detailed explanations, Forexpedia hopes you will be ready to go through the homebuying process without any inhibition or fear.