You have a well-furnished home with a garden full of flowers and plants. Imagine sharing your beautiful abode, which has four bedrooms, a kitchen, a living room, and a bathroom, with three of your siblings. Everything seems alright. You laugh over funny or horrible stories, eat pizza, or watch your favorite TV shows with them.

But suddenly, all of them use the bathroom for long periods of time. You need to wake up early, as early as 6:00 a.m., to make it to work on time. To make matters worse, your brother’s documents, bills, and newspapers are scattered in the entire dining table. You have no choice but to devour your pancakes and cereals on the couch. But wait, there’s more! You only have one washing machine, so you and your sisters take turn to wash all your own clothes. You just wish life was less complicated.

One day, you wake up and realize your home no longer serves its purpose and that it is too small for all your needs and wants. Given the scenario you encounter each day, everyone occupying the different areas of your house at the same time, you ask yourself whether to renovate the house to make it more functional and cosier, to move to a bigger property.

There are numerous factors to consider when you decide whether to renovate or move to a larger house. The first question you need to answer is how do you intend to live. Do you want to live alone or with your parents and/or siblings? If you seek to live alone, what type of house should you purchase? Are you planning to raise a family someday? If you desire to live with your family, how many bedrooms and bathrooms do you need to build? Do they plan to move out someday?

If you decide to remodel your home, can it handle the renovation? How much is the remodeling cost? If you opt to move, where? What kind of house should you buy? How much is the moving cost?

All these and more will be discussed in the succeeding tutorials. Meanwhile, feel free to eat a bag of popcorn and watch a movie in the family room, or take a nap in your bedroom.