For most people, a prenuptial agreement is for the rich and famous only. However, what they fail to realize is these agreements protect assets of married couples and do not imply they will get divorced in the future.

Many financial advisors still find it difficult to discuss the matter to their clients because such agreements remain a sensitive issue or they firmly believe they need not to sign any agreement before getting married. If you think your client needs it the most, financial advisors, here is the right way to talk about this topic.

First, take a non-threatening approach. A study shows many clients find it relieving their advisors bring up discussions about prenuptial agreement. While they thirst for more details, they are worried they might upset their future spouse or induce unnecessary dispute. That is quite challenging on the advisor’s part. Now, the best thing to do is to talk about prenuptial agreements casually. That way, they will become more open and amenable to discussing it. When you are forceful, clients will be less likely to consider them as an option for marriage.

Talking about prenuptial agreements promotes discussing finances before marriage. This will help them prevent problems down the road. Married couples who do not talk about money issues before settling down often have financial disagreements, which can lead to marital strain or divorce.

If done correctly, the agreement outline the assets that belong to which party in a marriage, as well as the things to expect in the event of a divorce or death. This is especially important if one of them has children from a previous marriage who will be affected in case such things happen.

And lastly, take your time when discussing and creating a prenuptial agreement. If you rush your clients into it or quickly draft one and have the document signed by the couple, chances are the paperwork is more likely to be inaccurate or incomplete. Instead, talk about prenuptial agreements early when working with clients who are single and may planing to get married in the future. Remember, prenups are not supposed to be completed within a week prior to the wedding. It takes weeks or months to go through the process. So, work with your clients to plan many discussions of what they want to include in the arrangement and ensure it is done correctly.

Married couples experience many major life events such as having children. Naturally, prenuptial agreements can be changed after marriage. Let them know they can always change or modify the agreement if they think of other issues they want to deal with at any time or if something important transpire.