YouTube sensations are everywhere and generating millions of dollars for their videos. Thanks to the website’s monetization structure, these people are cashing in from the comfort of their houses for their online video content. This article puts the spotlight on some of the most well-known YouTube stars.

YOGSCAST Lewis & Simon $2 million income annually 7 million subscribers 2.38 billion total views

Formerly called BlueXephos, YOGSCAST Lewis & Simon is the main YouTube channel of a group of video game commentators and gamers displaying Minecraft and World of Warcraft gameplay. Yogscast creators Lewis Brindley and Simon Lane launched it in 2008 and has become the United Kingdom’s largest gaming channel, as well as the country’s first channel to hit one billion views.

Since its rise to Internet celebrity, it has hosted various charity initiatives, including its 2014 Jingle Jam charity drive which supports five causes. Last year, this fundraising event raised about $1.6 million for GamesAid, Little People UK, Oxfam, SpecialEffect, and War Child.


$2.4 million income annually 7.85 million subscribers 1.41 billion total views

Brooklyn-based Benny and Rafi Fine posted their videos in 2007, shortly after creating Fine Brothers Entertainment in 2011. The two producers/writers/directors made the successful React video series showing several reactions on a piece of pop culture treasured by a different generation. It has differing iterations based on demographics: YouTubers React, Kids React, Teens React, and Elders React. Sponsored by Ford and Comedy Central, the highly successful videos garnered a network television debut. Nickelodeon aired the 13-episode ReactToThat, originated from their Kids React series. As of present, the channel is working with SundanceTV for a pilot episode and collaborating with producer Marc Summers.


$4 million income annually 27.71 million subscribers 4.6 billion total views

Founded in 2005, the YouTube channel of Sacramento-based comedy duo Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla presents videos with parody video games and weekly sketch shows. They made a mark in the video-sharing website following it revealed the series of lip-synching video. The channel, after former Walt Disney President Barry Blumberg took the pair under his helm, secured a deal amounting to $9,000 a month in return for advertising time, making them one of the first ten channels to generate money from YouTube.

The pair has gained their celebrity status due to the loyalty of its younger audience, mostly the teenage boys. Since establishing their presence on the site, Smosh has released four albums of original songs, created a game for iOS devices, and opened eight channels, including Anthony Padilla, EISmosh, IanH, SmoshGames, and WatchUsLiveAndStuff. They have also been in talks to start airing their comedy videos on television.


$8.47 million income annually 23.9 million subscribers 3.69 billion total views

Swedish video blogger Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg is the man behind PewDiePie. In his videos, the video game commentator is playing several video games, while reacting to what is happening, as seen at the top corner of the screen. His fans are attracted to his charisma and direct narration techniques, saying he is successful because of the attention Kjellberg devotes to his fans. He spends lots of time talking about his fans by responding to their queries in the YouTube comments sections, and creating a community of "bros". Because of his pop culture reach, Time named PewDiePie as one of the 30 most influential people on the Internet.


$4.9 million income annually 1.05 million subscribers 1.51 billion total views

The individual behind DisneyCollectorBR opted not to capitalize on online fame. The YouTube user uploads videos of unpacking, assembling, and playing with Disney toys, while offering commentary in a soothing voice. Favorite of many parents and children, the only thing she has revealed about herself is she was born in Brazil. Even though the New York Times hypothesized the person is currently residing in Westchester, New York, some believed she lives near Disney World in Florida. Up to this point, her identity remains a mystery to her followers.