Today’s modern technology makes it possible for several human tasks to be completed with a single click on a machine. Although this is good news to global advancement, it may not be that appealing to workers, as this would mean a loss of livelihood for them. A recent survey even concluded that half of the work in some fields can be done by robots, as the concept of mechanization is gradually becoming widespread in various industries.

Despite this, there are also certain professions that are deemed irreplaceable by even the most updated device. Physically demanding jobs are those highly vulnerable to the software takeover, but there are also some that cannot be surpassed by these innovations due to the high level of adaptability and resourcefulness only humans can provide. Here are some careers safe from the automation takeover:

Healthcare professionals Despite technology’s manifestation in the equipment and tools used in hospitals, catering to people and providing proper care can never be done by a machine the way a human can. Another study revealed that only 30% of a nurse’s duty can be completed by a computer, proving that they are likely to stay in the coming years.

Educators While students nowadays are benefiting from high-tech facilities in their schools, the process of giving instructions, relying explanations, and checking written projects will always be reliant on teachers. This is a field where interaction and wide expertise are needed--things that a person alone can obtain.

Creatives Analyzing structured data may be dominated by the computer sector, but generating imaginative outputs such as designing and writing are will always remain in an individual’s hands.

Social Workers and Counselors There are people in need of emotional support like listeners and advisers. These are the kinds of assistance that can never be given by a machine, no matter how much upgrade it goes through. Jobs requiring interpersonal communication needs two people exchanging thoughts and ideas for it to work.

Lawyers Can you imagine a computer defending your case in court? The complexity of legal proceedings and necessity of comprehensive arguments are solely people’s specialties.

Supervisors It is true that many factories and sectors are largely aided by appliances for faster output, but even these need supervision from someone, making managerial careers secure in the long run.

Computer analysts Although it sounds ironic, the increasing trend of automation will also be accompanied by a rising need for people to implement the systems. A latest estimate unveiled that by 2021, there will be 21% hike in the number of analysts--a much higher figure compared to other professions.