As competition among its peers continuously rises, Citibank recently launched it’s latest program called Citi Priority, and made several alteration to its gold services as well. Incorporated in these new strategies are several benefits to better aid customers in their financial queries and decisions. One key feature of these move is also its venture to digital technology to cope with modernization and high preference for offerings that are more easily accessible because of being one click away. Below is a detailed breakdown of what to expect in Citi’s newest initiative.


This existing service was restructured and made even more appealing by adding extra perks for those who have $200,00 and above in their balance such as:

  • Reimbursements on third party ATM fees

  • Higher chance of attaining the highest level of ThankYou points

  • 24/7 availability for customer assistance

  • Integral financial planning

  • Access to their researches

Citi Priority

The bank also has something in store for those whose balances range from $50,000 and $199, 999. Among these are:

  • Recommendations from financial advisors themselves

  • Digital money management tools

  • Waived payments for deposit items

  • Price-of-your-choice on mortgage

  • Access to travel benefits provided that the minimum balance is paid

In addition to these launches, the firm is also subsidizing events in NYC such as exhibits and product debuts.

Moreover, a recent study unveiled that over 60% of high net worth individuals have changed their advisors once in awhile. Among the reasons for this shift are performance and lack of being proactive. Citi was able to find a solution for this problem by providing fast connection to professionals. There are also tens of millions of millennials who possess about $100,000 assets excluding real estate, and are subject to inherit $60 trillion which will need proper handling. This is the reason why the age group was targeted by the financial institution by venturing into the electronics sector and releasing services accessible through computers and mobiles. This change is the main trend counselors should look out for and develop as the marketplace rivalry becomes rampant.