JPMorgan’s Asset Handling Division

Since the financial holdings company is probably known by everyone, it’s asset management arm is not usually included in everyday business news, compared to its parent. JPMorgan Asset Management, as the name suggests, is the investment administration arm of the US-based banking services giant, which operates on a worldwide scale and specializes in assistance for decision making and strategy enhancement when it comes to taking a hold of your investments.


This category is well known for its thorough research and investments program centered on providing clients with their needs and continuously advances to maintain and further hone their organizational expertise. Aside from this, it coordinates with investment teams in various nations to generate a pool of diverse insights and new ideas efficiently. The crew, meanwhile, perform using a highly articulated investment procedure for a heightened transparency and disciplined supervision of risk. Moreover, the firm is fully dedicated to its partnership with institutional clients, having an open exchange of opinion from time to time.


Aside from a wide variety of techniques and styles, covering several asset classes (income, hedge funds, and equities) and retail investors, it also provides customers with over 400 solutions for different types of clients and companies including banks, foundations, pension funds and around 3,000 financial intermediaries. It’s global pension solutions and advisory group, meanwhile, is designed specifically for delivery of analytical and consultative services for global pension funds.


Over 900 research analysts in 30 countries are comprise this area of JPMorgan, together with market strategists and portfolio supervisors. It’s pension sector is also made up of tenured specialists who influence and develop their craft, handling more than half of the world’s biggest funds.

The arm’s success is under the leadership of Mary Callahan Erdoes, who led the unit as CEO after she became part of the bank in 1996 as a handler of fixed income for high net worth individuals. She is assisted by CIO Bob Michele, who also heads the currency and commodities department.