Normally, playing video games is a pastime, a stress reliever, a hobby that your mom scolds you about and blames for when you’re not doing your chores or your homework. For some, it is not just a hobby. It is a way of life. Lots of people, mostly young, are so invested in playing video games that they sometimes forget the real worlds altogether and live their life leveling up and completing adventures. Some of them have given up their social lives and now lives in the basement of their parents house. Not that this is an undesirable future, but wouldn’t you rather play video games while making profit?

There is money in playing video games and it is easy as long as you have the passion for it. There are several ways to profit off from playing video games.

One of them are selling products and services in the game for real money or selling in-game. This lucrative business is popular nowadays as you can sell anything you want. For example, you can sell rare items, game points, game money, a character, and even whole accounts. Beyond these, you can also sell clothing, real estate, automobiles, and anything you want. Selling in-games is simple. You just strike a deal, agree to a price, wire money, and then trade. Some of the best jobs in playing video games out there is playing to your hearts content, developing and leveling up characters, finishing quests, and acquiring rare items and then selling the whole account to someone who needs characters like this and is willing to pay.

If you do not want to sell other people your hard earned accounts that you developed with your skills then may be your cut out to be someone that everyone looks up to. Play video games and go professional. If you have enough passion and the apt skills, you can easily conquer the professional stage. Major game companies host tournaments and competitions that offer cash prizes and other perks. These tournaments that are watched by everyone in the gaming world are goldmines. Some companies even sponsor you to play video games for the promotion of their product. Playing video games is like playing sports, there are major leagues and professional levels.

And if you think you’re too easy-go-lucky to handle the pressures of professional gaming and just want to play for the heck of it, you can always record yourself and upload it to the internet. If you’re lucky enough, people will take notice and look at you and pay you to play and record yourself more. This is the concept of playthroughs. With the number one most subscribed channel now in Youtube being a gaming channel, it’s clear to see that gaming has come a long way and reached a wide audience. Companies and audience alike pay for their products to be in the video and for the products to be in their possession.

Playing video games is not a mere hobby anymore, it is a potential money maker. So what are you waiting for? Go play and get paid.