AU Optronics Corporation

Fast Facts:

Stock Price (as of October 2015): $3.04

Dividend: 4.87%

Price-to-earnings: 4.46

A merger of the Acer Display Technology, Inc. and Unipac Optoelectronics Corporation in 2011, the Taiwan-based semiconductor company is in the business of manufacturing thin film crystal displays for flat panel HDTVs, computers, mobile phones, and tablets. It also operates a solar business which designs hardware, solar panels, and systems.

AU Optronics shares have experienced rough performance this year, plunging almost -40%. But analysts are looking forward to the industry’s boom as low projections are said to be incorporated into the stocks. Having a limited debt to equity of 0.70, the company has a free cash flow of 3.15 a share.

Nevsun Resources Ltd.

Fast Facts:

Stock Price: $3.14

Dividend: 5.10%

Price-to-earnings: 43

The Canadian mining company specializes in copper, gold, silver, and zinc. Established in 1965, Nevsun Resources Ltd. mainly operates within the Bisha property in northeastern Africa. The firm can produce 150 million of pounds a year. However, Nevsun is on the edge of transitioning a portion of its mine from copper and zinc due to imminent global drought in zinc.

With a profit margin of almost 28%, Nevsun experienced a steep, late summer sell-off due to declining prices of the above-mentioned commodities. But it rebounded in September and is seeking to test upside resistance.

Lloyds Banking Group

Fast Facts:

Stock Price: $4.77

Dividend: 1.89%

Price-to-earnings: 9

Founded in 1695, the British bank is under the umbrella of Lloyds Bank, Halifax and Bank of Scotland entities. The company offers insurance, loan services, retail and commercial banking solutions, and savings. Lloyds Banking Group has struggled since the UK government’s bail out. But investors are anticipating its future as Britain begins to disburse its Lloyds holding in 2016.

Lloyds Bank stock once touched a high of $5.60 this year, but since then, it has corrected to prevailing levels. As of present, shares are up almost 5%. It also once recorded negative free cash flow of -£18.5 billion, but was able to recover the losses and posted a free cash flow of £6.9 billion.