If you wanted to get good returns, one of the best considerations would be a mutual fund with 'clean shares.' This is a new type of shares generated in compliance to the US Department of Labor's fiduciary policy. A report also disclosed that this kind could help investors save around 0.50% compared to other offerings. On top of this, they also get to have an extra 0.20%, since their consultants will be stipulated to suggest funds according to their best interests.

Clean shares, along with T shares, were designed to meet regulations angled towards addressing problems concerning conflicts of interests and other anomalies in the part of financial advisors. One example of this is the professional's tendency to recommend pricier options to get higher commissions. Because this class provides one standard price across the board, it can help put an end to this unethical practice.

At present, majority of individual investors buy mutual funds with A shares via a broker. This type covers a front-end load of around 5%, including management fees and other payments for distributions. Loads may also vary, which can create future problems. Simply put, some advisors may urge their clients to choose high load offers.

According to a study, consultants are likely to propose T shares of traditional funds to retirement investors opting to put their money in an IRA. This is bound to help them save immediately plus align the consultant's interests with that of their client.

For instance, an individual who wants to place $10,000 into an IRA using a T share could get around %$1,800 in a span of 30 years compared to an A-share fund. It was also cited that clean shares compare favorably with C-shares which do not have a front-end load but has a $1 distribution fee.

It was also stated that these shares are the best option if you are aiming for transparency. This is relevant especially since firms usually use indirect payments when disseminating funds to investors. The money circulates from the person to the company and back to the third party for services. These procedures are removed with clean shares, since it will be up to the distributors to charge directly for their offerings. Brokers also lay out their commissions for sale, which further supports clarity.