Since variations in lifestyle can sometimes be a sticky situation for peers because of difference in earnings, it is important to venture into money talks with care, especially if you are not game for expensive hits yourself due to financial constraints. Differences in handling funds can sometimes break friendships, but with the right approach, you can still stick with your self-imposed budget while maintaining a healthy relationship with your pals.

Avoid comparison Do not fall into the trap of copying your friends’ latest purchases. While it may be tempting to be able to cope when they flaunt their new buys during your get-togethers, remind yourself that your incomes vary, and they may be willing to go for sacrifices you yourself cannot make to get themselves a high end gadget, or fancy wheels. They may or may not afford it, for all you know. Stick to what is within your cash limit, regardless of what others are doing.

Do not pretend Never stretch your money just so you can make it to fancy dinners and pricey outings but do not turn down invitations the moment you get them. Since these are your friends, suggest other activities that are not wallet-draining, to clarify that you are rejecting the idea of spending too much, and not their companionship.

Advanced planning Instead of sounding defensive all the time by trying to divert initial plans, initiate little ways for your squad to bond as well. It could be a simple sleepover, or volunteer work, as long as it's something that allows you to have your quality time together.

Decide for yourself Resist the pressure of going along with something you do not even want in the first place just because your pals are into it. If you want to invest your money into your interests rather than their planned three-day travel, politely decline and explain that you what you intend to do with your funds instead.

Saving brings you gold If you really want to tag along that trip to France, save up for it. There are times that stretching your allowance a bit can be worthwhile, especially for once in a lifetime experiences.

Trim down costs Always take small measures to minimize your expenses. You can either eat at home before going out so save yourself from pricey restaurant food. These steps, although simple, amy go a long way once they start to add up.